The Narcissist Takes and Takes

I wrote this in 2013, but I’m ashamed to say I took him back again and again after that.  There are break ups.  Some are easy, some are painful and difficult.  You get through it and you go on.  I’ve had a 15 year relationship and engagement end.  I’ve have another engagement end. Lots of break ups in between.  Most of the time, we’re able to salvage a friendship or at least an acquaintance level, civil departure. People break up every day.  Narcissists never actually break up with you, they just break you.

A Narcissist tears your world apart.  You kinda feel like this:

Some of Me 

Is there some piece of my heart you haven’t broken yet?

Some part of my soul you haven’t destroyed yet?

Some piece of my happiness you haven’t hijacked yet?

Some joy you haven’t stomped on yet?

Some piece of mind you haven’t fucked with yet?

Some disappointment you haven’t bestowed on me yet?

Some pain you haven’t inflicted on me yet?

Some ugliness you haven’t drawn out of me yet?

Some shred of hope you haven’t stolen from me yet?

Some faith you haven’t shaken from me yet?

Some sliver of dignity you haven’t taken from me yet?

Some trust you haven’t betrayed yet?

Some lie you haven’t told me yet?

Some dream you haven’t squelched yet?

Some promise you haven’t broken yet?

The Journey Begins

Looking for the way out, the healing, the closure.  Being with a Narcissist is a special kind of hell and reclaiming your life is not easy.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton